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32 Malachite Chip Necklace
Product code: MLCHN

This 32” Malachite Chip Necklace is believed to channel,the excellent healing energies and pain relieving qualities of this stone. Malachite is an all-purpose healing stone' traditionally used as a stone of protection, is also used to absorb pollution and all negitive energy.

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Malachite Power Bead Bracelet
Product code: MLPBR

This Malachite Power Bead Bracelet is said to a powerful healer and balancer on every level, and has natural bacteriostatic qualities, so can be used to support the immune system and fight infection. Some refer to it as the “midwife stone”, as it is used to ease both labour and period pains. It is traditionally feminine. It is said to soothe muscle pain such as arthritis and cramp.

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