Amethyst is used to promote peace and de-stress. It helps to keep one's thoughts positive. It is, in fact, protective, but not in the defensive sense, but in that it helps to keep you vibrational state as high as possible.

Amethyst makes an adept meditation partner and is a good stone to wear or carry every day to help keep you on your Path!

It powerfully, yet gently, opens the psychic channels to help you receive and transmit wisdom, knowledge and healing energies.

Amethyst is for Ending Bad Habits, Spirituality and Activating the Crown Chakra!

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Product code: 11
Amethyst Gemstone Chip Bracelet
Product code: AMYCHBR

Enjoy the beauty and energy of our Amethyst Chip Bracelet. The polished amethyst chips glow with colour and are thread on elastic so they are comfortable to wear.

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Amethyst 32" Chip Necklace
Product code: AMYCHN

Amethyst is known as the master healer of all crystals and relieves a number of ailments. It is particularly good for boosting the immune system and increasing circulation. Amethyst is said to lift the spirits and help with depression.

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Amethyst Bead Power Bracelet
Product code: AMYPBR

This Amethyst Bead Power Bracelet harnesses the soothing yet rich purple of the amethyst. Amethyst is strong enough to stand out against anyoutfit but never overpowers. The amethyst beads have been carefully shaped and polished to bring out the colour of the stone. They are strung on coordinating elastic that fits any wrist. They are comfortable and easy to wear.

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