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Shamanic Distance Healing 

Also called “Remote Healing” or “Distant Healing” 

 From a Shamanic point of view we are all interconnected in a universal sea of energy of which for most of us we all react to on a subconscious level. For an in depth understanding on Shamanic Healing please go to Shamanic Healing. Energetic healing can transcend any distance, and as an energetic healer one can sense the energy field of the person receiving the healing and provide healing equally effectively if the person is in the same room or across the world. 

How Does Distance Healing Work?

Shamanic Healing is fundamentally a beneficial force for growth and change. It deepens awareness of both the causes of problems within one's life and sheds light on the path forward to a greater well-being and wholeness. Shamanic Healing is a means of activating one's own inner potential and inherit healing abilities, as it can release harmful mental and emotional patterns, heal wounds, provide detoxification, balance organs or glandular functions, balances chakras, heal the aura (energetic field) stimulate spontaneous healing and so much more.

Here is a list of commonly treated issues with Shamanic Distance Healing:

•Anxiety & Panic Attacks
•Multiple Sclerosis
•Common Cold
•Emotional Imbalances


•Endocrine Problems
•Heavy Metal
Toxicity Poisoning
(menstrual cramps)
•Chronic Pain
•Digestive Issues

•Chronic Fatigue
•Sleep Disorders
•Crohn's Disease

Who Can Recive Shamanic Distance Healing?

Shamanic Distance Healing is available to anyone who chooses to heal. It is suitable for babies, children, teenagers, adults, elderly and animals. It is a very gentle non aversive form of healing.