What Is Shamanic Transformation

What Is Shamanic Transformation

Shamanic Transformation is a short term or on-going relationship between me and my clients which focuses on the client taking action towards the realisation of their vision, goals or desires. The Shamanic Transformation programmes energetically help our clients to intuitively discover and build higher levels of awareness and intuition. Hands for Health provide our clients with structure, support and feedback every step of the way to help them find their true life’s path and to live the life they were born to live.

We can't control what life throws at us but we can control how we deal with it.

  • Gives you the tools to improve your life and your happiness.
  • Is based on the belief that everyone holds all the answers they need within themselves. Your coach will help you extract what is right for you. 
  • Is one of the fastest growing professions in the world


What Do We Do

We provide clients with the opportunity to discuss the important issues that matter in their life with someone who is objective, impartial and suitably trained in helping them to energetically move forward.

The Shamanic Transformation processes are very much a hands on approach. Clients seeking life changes often contact us wishing to discuss some of the following questions:

  • How to be more successful and effective in all aspects of their life?
  • How to feel happier and more fulfilled as an individual?
  • How to  communicate more effectively, creating better relationships at home and work 
  • How to have more self-confidence and the ability to control how you feel?
  • How to have more fun and be less stressed


How Does Shamanic Transformation Work?

Shamanic Transformation consists of 6 - 12 Skype sessions (one per week), each session is one hour.

Full e-mail support and extra calls are given as and when needed at no extra charge. You take on as much home play as you choose and most of the learning, growth, and action happen between the sessions.

Hands for Health work with each client to create their unique personalised Shamanic Transformation life plan that will help them reach their goals; Hands for Health will give you a FREE initial 25 minutes Shamanic Transformation Assessment session to evaluate your current situation. This assessment is vital because it helps us get a picture of our client’s needs. During the assessment you will learn which areas of life you're strongest in and which needs special attention.

This assessment also gives you and Raymond a chance to get to know each other before you begin the process of Shamanic Transformation. You can talk to us about your personal aspirations and where you feel you need help. By combining what we know works in the assessment with what you learn from talking with us on your personal goals and concerns, we will be able to work with you to build a workable strategy that will help you see quick, tangible results.

Why Can’t You Do It Yourself?

You can, it’s called will-power and self-talk. However, it only works when you remember to use it. This isn’t conducive for when you’ve got a huge project you want to achieve. The very best business men and athletes all use coaches, is it because they can’t do it all by themselves? It’s because they know the value of having someone working directly with them. Increasing numbers of people who want to achieve more out of their lives are turning to self-development.  Until you experience first-hand Hands for Health Shamanic Transformation you can’t fully understand just how much it can change your life.


Hands For Health  Raymond Hill

Shamanic Transformation sessions

are £165 per session

 (Minimum of 6 sessions are recommended)

Discounts are available for block bookings of
6 or 12 sessions

To book your FREE initial Shamanic

Transformation  Assessment Session


Call: 0207 387 1425, 07884 434 783 or


Shamanic Transformation