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Crystal Healing is a part of holistic therapies and focuses on the individual as a whole, rather than on physical symptoms alone. The aim the therapy is to restore wholeness, balance and health to the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well as the physical body. During a crystal healing session, the crystals and healer act as a channel for beneficial healing energies which are then directed to the client. Crystal healers use crystals to help focus the healing energies needed by the client.

How does Energy Healing Work?  

Energy healing works on the electromagnetic field around our body, known as the aura. The auric field directly relates to our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. If a person is well and in good health our natural energies flow through our various bodies maintaining a sense of balance. However, any form of disharmony in our lives can cause blockages or other disturbances in our aura and energies bodies which leads to physical illness.

How does Crystal Healing Work?  

Crystal Healing has been used for healing since ancient times by many different cultures and in the last twenty years, there has been a great revival of this art. Crystals are highly powerful and effective tools for healing as they contain a number of specific properties which interact with us in many different ways. One such property is the unique vibration of each crystal. This is a result of its colour frequency, chemical composition, inner atomic structure and its outer form. Not only does this property make a crystal indispensable in altering electromagnetic waves for medical machinery and quartz watches, but it can also modify ‘healing energy’. Another property of crystals is the distinct orderly structure which enables them to absorb, reflect, transform, transmute, balance, direct, amplify, clear, and focus energies. Essentially, a crystal can adapt healing energy in any way imaginable. Since crystals and minerals make up most of the earth’s crust and also reside within the human body, it can be said that, in a sense, we are all part of and living on a crystal. 

How can Crystal Healing Help Me

Crystal Healing can promote ‘wellness’, help prevent physical illness and support the recovery of existing symptoms. It can also be very helpful in crisis situations and with ‘terminal’ illness. Healing often involves some form of change in a client’s overall way of being. It may be through the release of redundant patterns, a relief of stress and tensions or a deeper insight into the cause of a specific problem or symptom. Crystal healing may also be used to revitalise a client’s energy field, support a deep sense of relaxation or by helping the client establish a greater sense of peace and harmony. 

What To Expect During A Crystal Or
Energy Healing Session

You may be asked to remove your jewellery and to either sit on a chair or lie fully clothed, on a therapist’s massage couch during the treatment. The healer will help you to relax and place crystals on or around your body.

Crystal Healing sessions are £95 per session.

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