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We would like to start with an introduction to Shamanic philosophy deeply rooted in the Shamanic concept called the 'Wyrd'. The term Wyrd is likened to the word weird in today’s society which means strange/of the unexplainable. Wyrd had essentially the same meaning more than a thousand years ago in Shamanic Europe in sacred terms. Wyrd was the unexplainable force - the great mystery underlining all existence. The essence of the Wyrd is that the Universe exists within polarities of force, rather like the eastern concepts of yin and yang. According to Shamanic beliefs the Universe originally consisted of two mighty unimaginably vast force regions one of fire, the other of ice. When the fire and ice met, they exploded, creating a great mist charged with magic force and vitality. This is the mist of knowledge existing beyond time.

What Is a Shaman

In the Shamanic view of the world, all things are inter-connected in a web of beginnings where everything affects everything else. The Shamanic way is the way to honour all kingdoms mineral, plant, animal and human, to honour the four elements earth, air, fire and water, to honour and develop the four aspects of ourselves, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Within the world of Shamanism we attune ourselves to the flow of the Wyrd, the energy of life with the celebrations of the seasons. Shamans have been known in the civilized world as medicine men/women, witch doctors and have been called the keepers of ancient techniques used to achieve and maintain well-being and healing practises of their community and themselves.

In Shamanic Healing the maintenance of one’s own personal energy is fundamental to their well-being. The Shaman must stay centred and balanced, this is achieved by remaining rooted in one’s personal connection to the earth, from this earth connection the Shaman is then able to reach into the spirit of all things. In this way, the Shaman becomes a channel between the energies of the earth, nature and the energies of the spirit world.


In engaging in the Shamanic practice the Shaman moves between what is termed the ordinary state of consciousness and the Shamanic state of consciousness. It is in the Shamanic state of consciousness that one can contact spiritual guides. The Shaman depends on a special form of personal power, which is usually supplied by their guardian, helper or power animal, a spiritual being that not only protects and serves the Shaman but becomes a separate identity to them. It is impossible to be a Shaman without a guardian, helper or power animal as the Shaman must have this strong basic power source.

What Is a Shamanic Healing?

This way of healing brings potential for profound change and should only be undertaken if you are open to allowing change to happen, to complete the healing. It can help any dis-ease or problem and often helps when a person just feels ‘stuck’. Guidance can also be obtained on issues such as careers, relationships, health and much more.

A healing session begins with a discussion of your needs. Using The Padmic™ System of Healing, Raymond opens his wealth of knowledge of many great Shamanic techniques that can be found from around the world to help you reach your desired goal. He may take you on a Shamanic journey using Shamanic drumming to work with guides, power animal or use the shamanic guidance of Futhark Runes for your healing. Other techniques include energy healing incorporating the use of sound which is a powerful way to shift blockages in your energy system; Shamanic journeying or past life regression.

Shamanic healing works by unblocking stuck energies, restoring flow, and returns power and energy to their rightful places. Energy retrieval restores part of the client’s personal power in the form of their power animal, which they have lost their connection to and soul retrieval returns one’s soul essence, whilst extraction and dispossession healing remove and transmute the energies that belongs elsewhere.

For every individual, the Shamanic healing process is a unique journey into personal history, present need and future aspirations. Therefore a confidential consultation is undertaken before healing techniques are defined and mutually agreed.

To see if Shamanic Healing is for you- you should ask
Yourself the following questions

  • Do you have problems getting over a relationship?
  • Have you never felt the same since an illness, accident or bereavement? 
  • Do you try to fill an inner emptiness with addictions or material objects? 
  • Do you take up new interests and abandon them because nothing seems to fulfil? 
  • Do you allow other people to control you? 
  • Do you suffer from depression, stress, repetitive negative thinking? 
  • Have you spent too long trying to unburden yourself of the experience of abuse?
  • Have you ever felt "Something is missing in life, but just don't know what it is"? 

If you answer yes to any of the above or similar questions, shamanic healing can help you.

Now Ask Yourself Are You Ready To Be Healed? 

We believe that shamanic healing is a beneficial therapy for growth and change. It deepens awareness of both the causes of problems within one's life and the path forward to create a sense of greater well-being and wholeness. It is a means of activating one's own inner healing abilities. We see it as a profound means to self-empowerment.


Shamanic Healing sessions are £95 per session.

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