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What is Usui Reiki ?

Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force that moves in all things. The first syllable ‘Rei’ means spirit, aura or subtle energy and the second syllable ‘Ki’ means energy.

The earliest documented text describing Reiki is believed to have been in ancient teachings in the civilisations of Atlantis, India and Tibet.

A Japanese Buddhist Monk, Dr Usui in the late 19th Century, discovered the formula and system of Reiki. Dr Usui obtained his information from a 2500-year-old Buddhist Manuscript, which revealed in Sanskrit advance healing techniques and sacred symbols. Dr Usui then travelled to the Mystical Mountain ‘Mount Kuriyama’ in Japan where he meditated and fast for 21 days.

He then received a mystical vision that revealed the secrets of the sacred symbols and their usage.

Why is Reiki unique?

Reiki is unique due to the healing method used, whereby Reiki energy is accessed through Reiki attunements using the ancient sacred symbols. A Reiki Master can only perform these attunements. The Reiki symbols are the essence and the key to the healing system of Reiki. The healing energy of Reiki has its own universal intelligence and will flow to wherever it is needed, therefore balancing mind body and spirit.

How can Reiki help you?

In today’s society approximately 75% of illnesses are attributable to stresses and tensions affecting the body in various ways and on a variety of different levels. The body has its own ability to heal itself, but can often find itself in a state of imbalance due to the stresses of everyday living. Reiki can be used to help restore and maintain the body’s equilibrium to obtain and keep optima levels of health.

Usui Reiki can: -

  • Aid in stress reduction
  • Offer levels of deep relaxation
  • Improve mobility of stiff joints and muscle tensions.
  • Aids in balancing and revitalising the body system as a whole
  • Replenishes auric field and depleted energy centres.

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