Hands for Health Community Projects

We have researched and designed a wide range of unique seminars, workshops and courses to fit the needs of everyday people and current health issues. We have tailored our programmes to empower individuals to succeed in their chosen goals. Our work has been based upon 35 years of complementary therapy training, personal development, healthy living and over 15 years of local community project delivery. We pride ourselves on our many years’ experience and personal knowledge on how people grow and develop so that we can ensure the success of every seminar, workshop and course that we provide.

All programmes depicted below work in harmony with existing government health initiatives on healthy living and any prescribed medications from GP and Health Consultants. Please review the list of already established subjects below:-


Obesity Awareness

Delivery will involve a detailed explanation of obesity, its definition, the impact on everyday life and the intervention and prevention strategies that can be applied. A detailed analysis of the current eating patterns of the participants will be conducted helping individuals to become familiar with good eating patterns and food groups necessary for healthy living.


Weight Management Programme

Explores the problems of over and under eating through the review of current eating patterns of the participants. This process will review the patterns of weight gain and weight loss, helping to increase awareness of healthy eating patterns and the nutritional values of food groups necessary for healthy living. Individual will be encouraged to analyse their current eating patterns of through food diaries, helping them to increase their awareness of correct eating patterns and food groups necessary for healthy living.


Nutrition for Fitness and Exercise 

Is a programme designed to help all those participating in a fitness programme to develop a greater understanding of nutrition to enhance achievement of personal goal attainment.


Anatomy and Physiology 

This programme provides an introduction to the workings of the human bodies systems to the people with no prior knowledge. An overview of the workings of the human body will include for example the digestive, cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine systems. Knowledge of these working systems and more will be useful in the prevention and intervention of minor ailments that prevent optimum health.