Welcome To Hands For Health

Complementary Therapies

Welcome To Hands for Health

Hands for Health and The Padmic™ System are the unique creations of Jennifer Dean-Hill and Raymond Hill. It is an energy system created to support the spiritual and energetic developmental needs of everyday people. The word “Padmic™ System” has been derived from the term ‘Padma - the path of creative vision’ from the Foundations of Tibetan Buddhism.

Our seminars, workshops, courses and treatments are designed with your needs in mind, leading to the creation of life changing experiences and spiritual development.

Our Hands for Health Holistic services include a combination of complementary therapies treatments, seminars, webinars, workshops and courses and community specific programmes. Each programme is developed to work in collaboration with orthodox methods of medicines to ensure holistic balancing of the mind, body and essence of each person and communities to create a sense of positive health and well-being.

Mission Statement ‘Connecting to your inner wisdom through the creation of
your true-self '


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